Monday, September 26, 2011

Gunnar's 9th Birthday

September 25th was Gunnar's 9th birthday, I can't believe he's 9!! Yesterday at church when holding my friends 1 week old I told Gunnar he was just that size 9 years ago about 5 1/2 pounds! It's hard to believe that now! We had a great weekend celebrating, Saturday night we went to my parents camper to celebrate my Dad's and Gunnars birthday. Gunnar received a magic kit which he has absolutely loved and has been showing everyone magic tricks since!

Then Sunday Kevin and I took him and 2 friends to Evansville to Walther's. They have indoor/outdoor putt putt, laser tag, arcade, & small jungle gym to climb around. The boys had a blast! I love hearing Gunnar and his friends interact! They say the funniest stuff sometimes! I'm very thankful he has such good friends!

Then home for pie with Kevin's parents. It was a busy busy weekend but loved spending time with all the family and so glad Gunnar enjoyed his special day!


Kelly said...

Hope Gunnar had a great birthday!! Reece had such a great time yesterday!!

Tera said...

Happy Birthday, Gunnar!