Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weekend in Indy

This past weekend we went to Indy to stay with Kevin's cousin while are hubbies were in Florida. We have kids the same ages so they love getting together. Here's some of what we did this weekend.

First we stopped at cousin Mark & Kari's house and played dress up, bean bag toss, rode bikes and tumbling lessons in the front yard. Then after lunch we went to the Plainfield Water Park. The kids had a blast but it was a little nerve racking watching 6 kids in a max capacity place.

Obviously they were exhausted after the water park!!!

Then Sunday we went to the Indy Zoo. They got to see the new Koala's, and one was actually awake and moving, which is rare since they sleep 18-22 hours a day!!

We got home late Sunday and the kids were so tired. It's always fun though when we can get together. And next Florida trip is for the mommies and the dads get to take care of the 6!!Yay!


Shannon Crane said...

Taking a break from work... had to get you added to my blog!!!! I am so excited to have you at my fingertips... love you and super cute blog!!! (might be the people on it I love so much too!!!)

Hope the chinese hit the spot last night and you were able to get some rest!!!!!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

I can't wait to take Ayla to the Indy zoo! It looked like a blast! Also, you're a good wifey letting your hubby go off on a vaca without you! ha :)